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Thanks for reading! Everything here is a work in progress. I set up this blog to:

1. Think through my assumptions in near real-time for future review 2. Document my goals and positions for public accountability 3. Enable me to share my learnings with others in a consolidated way

My email is always open, and if you find something you like along the way please share.

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📈 Personal Goals 2019

📖 Books this year (18/26)

📝 Blog posts (29/52)

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I write about energy, technology, venture, productivity, and startup ecosystems.

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📚 Books I’ve Read

I try to read between 20-30 books yearly. Mostly non-fiction.

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✅ My Software Stack

I’m always testing the newest tools in productivity. Here’s what I’m currently using:

About Intelis Capital

Intelis Capital invests in remarkable teams applying emerging technologies to the modernization of traditionally analog industries, with energy as a primary focus.

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I’m active on social media and also attempt to answer serious inbound cold emails.

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