Kevin Stevens
Kevin Stevens


The 6 themes that I embrace for how I live.

  1. Relentless curiosity
    • Barbell consumption of information - read the timeless or the relevant.
    • Consuming and understanding are not the same.
  2. Be someone’s lucky break
    • No one gets where they are going without luck.
  3. Never drop the ball
    • Underpromise, overdeliver.
    • Do what you say you will.
    • Always follow up.
  4. Learn out loud
    • Don’t be afraid to look stupid.
    • Say what you’re thinking.
    • Never make others feel stupid while they are learning too.
  5. The best, weak interpersonal tie
    • Diffusion of information tends to be dampened by strong ties, and flows more easily through weak ties. Eg. we’re more likely to get new information and opportunities through 2nd and 3rd connections.
  6. All things equal, urgency wins.
    • Velocity matters - be fast while remaining diligent.