New Site Design

Since I've been writing more regularly as of late, I figured it was time for a site refresh. I wanted to go with something simple and get away from the…

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A New Threat

Today's post was going to focus on my impromptu website redesign this weekend, and the potential of adding a newsletter in the near future. Then, on Saturday Houthi rebels attacked…

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Dallas’ Climb Back

Visit almost any tech website and you’re bound to find an article with a title similar to “where’s the next Silicon Valley?” As I’ve written before, I don’t believe there…

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Building a Second Brain

Last week, I came across this podcast featuring Tiago Forte of Forte Labs. In the podcast, Tiago discusses the need to completely outsource your recall memory to computers so that…

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Marketplace Evolution

This thread on Twitter about the evolution of marketplaces is well worth a read to anyone working in that space.  Most of the low barrier, high-frequency markets have been built…

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