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A few current favorites


  • 7 Powers: The Foundations of Business Strategy - Hamilton Helmer
  • The Ride of a Lifetime - Bob Iger
  • What it Takes - Steve Schwarzman
  • Am I Being Too Subtle - Sam Zell
  • eBoys
  • The Almanack of Naval
  • Poor Charlie's Almanack

Podcast Episodes


“It’s as easy to do something small as it is to do something big. When you see an opportunity go for it with everything you have and never give up. Failure is the price of ambition.”

"Don’t ignore your dreams, say what you think, cultivate relationships, be happy."

"There are no shortcuts to a calm mind, fit body, and happy home."

Current work 👨🏻‍💻

Investing — Partner at Intelis Capital

Building — helping founders build companies & growing the Intelis Capital community ‍

Long-term career goals 📈

  1. Improve the quality of life for over 1 billion people via Intelis Capital portfolio
  2. Intelis Capital community employs over 100K by 2031
  3. Become a globally respected name in energy technology and the energy transition

Previously ⬅️

Choose Energy (acquired 2017) — an early employee at North America’s largest energy marketplace, over $1B in transactions annually, roles included business development, product management and strategy

Green Mountain Energy — business development and finance

About Intelis Capital

Intelis Capital makes long-term investments in the next generation of energy titans accelerating the widespread adoption of novel technologies creating a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem.