Kevin Stevens
Kevin Stevens
Top of Mind

Top of Mind

These are my unfiltered thoughts. Think of it as a public journal. Most of these are incomplete thoughts, some are questions, but overall…it should give you a glimpse into where my mind is currently focused.

August 2020

All great businesses are built on the fundamentals, even if those fundamentals are executed differently.

  • Simplicity wins
  • Customer at the heart of everything
  • Great use of cash, re-invest in operations or successful M&A
  • Decisions pushed out as far to the edge of the org as possible

July 2020

  • The cost of capital and carbon footprint are on a collision course.
  • Where do the changing demographics of industrial workers and the consumerization of enterprise meet?
  • Being okay with inaction in order to maximize understanding
  • Placing the emphasis on risks and not just counting them